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The unit is also fully radio controlled as standard, with quick-set times inbuilt with sequential start-up.Other key customer requirements include: Erich Padlocks, a partner of William Vennai said of the new screen: "Acquiring the QE341 was a necessity in order to maximize and improve the quality of our end product.

This scrolls down automatically during cutting phases or rotates the point of axis according to various requirements, When the marble block is separated from the mountain complete detachment is facilitated using special inflatable ‘pillows’ or hydraulic jacks using powerful excavators to a specially prepared ‘bed’ of debris to provide a safe resting place for the extremely valuable end product.

The screen-box jack up facility allows easier access to the bottom deck for maintenance and screen media changes.

As operational user friendliness is seen as vital for enhanced use, the QE341’s electrical control system incorporates a number of features to improve both the operational effectiveness and machine safety.

We could only really choose Sandvik, above all for the quality of the machines and then for our relationship with CGT, a relationship established over time and dating with me personally 30 years.

We place so much emphasis on our relationship that now our quarries only use CAT machines.

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Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) sang for the Community Chest Charity Show (明愛暖萬心) at night on 22nd June 2019.

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