Datinginmy50s com

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Datinginmy50s com

This isn’t being realistic and could result in staying on your own forever or at least not finding a lasting and healthy relationship.

In a perfect world everyone would like to meet someone good looking, fit, healthy, wealthy and with all the best attributes a person could possibly have, but let’s be real!

The truth is; you need to be realistic with your expectations.

Do you want a real person as a companion to share your life with, care for, to have good conversations, share some interests and maybe travel?

• Fear of Intimacy- this is huge for many people especially as they age.

• Family acceptance-most want someone that will accept their family too!

• Expectations are too high or unrealistic • Afraid to make the first move-He’s waiting for her, she’s waiting for him.

• They are unlovable- if they’ve lost one love maybe they are convinced that they are unlovable.

The problem for some is that they still want to find a new partner that looks like someone they may have found 20-30 years ago, even though they themselves have aged and changed dramatically too.If you reach your 50s and things haven’t worked out the way you had planned in your relationships it’s time to consider what you do want for your future.When you consider how many singles there are, there’s probably only a small percentage of those individuals that honestly want to live their life alone, whether they admit to it or not.The same applies with some older women; they want to meet some young, fit, attractive guy while they may be frumpy, unfit, and not taking pride in their appearance.Again it could and does happen; there are young men looking to meet older women to be their sugar mama.

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Especially for those that have had the experience of a good relationship even if it was short lived.

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