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After returning to their respective hometowns, they connected on that website, continued their conversation, and a romance ensued. One day, the happy couple was discussing the dating platform they met on, as well as others in the industry.They identified plenty of areas for improvement, especially for fostering a relationship similar to theirs.China Love Match has become a popular destination for singles focused on the long term and includes a forum and blog where users can receive — and provide — valuable advice.The platform has protocols in place to help keep encounters secure and plans to expand the business to include cross-cultural dating between other nationalities.“We also wanted to create one that was vigilant about keeping the scammers away, kept the members real, and was transparent in every way.” That’s just what they did with China Love Now co-owners of the site, John and his wife devote their time to building and maintaining a platform that helps other singles find the same type of lasting love they did.New users can apply for a free account in minutes, and applications are approved or denied within 24 hours.

Part of that was introducing them to an African-American blogger and having them get to know him.“Likewise, a number of our bloggers are now married to members who initially got to know them through their blogs.” While every story is a great success, John said that one in particular not only brought two people together but served to help erase a common bias from the site.“We brought together one of our best bloggers, who is African-American, and his lovely Chinese wife.Many friendships blossom and some evolve into relationships that lead to marriage.“Some of our best Success Stories are members who met on the forum and then looked up each other’s profile and start to date,” said John.

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“After a few months of him blogging, that prejudice, which is strong in the general Chinese culture, disappeared from our site,” he said.