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Dating zippo inserts

It wouldn't be until September 1945 that Royal would start typewriter production full-time again and not until December 1948 that Royal would catch up on its pre-war backlog.

It is my opinion that this model, when first introduced, did not come with a lanyard.

Operations included the final set-up of the lighter case and insert, surface engraving, cleaning, repair clinic, Items such as packaging and instruction pamphlets, were all “Made in Canada” Dates and timelines about these changes, are VERY difficult to nail down to an exact date, but these are fairly close, based on written info by Zippo, as well as other collectors that have taken the time to share their knowledge with me.

At this time, the insert stamp was on the bottom section of the insert.

It has one piece extended from the hinge that supplants the metal clips.

This variation with the flat bottom is only produced in 19.

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During the early years of the company many minor alterations and test models were made.

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