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But the Sudras were excluded from the right to education.Education was given on the basis of caste rather than ability and aptitude. In the Muslim period, the ob­jectives of education changed.Chastity, equality, simplicity were not the ideals of student life.

The higher education was imparted through schools of learning while the vocational and professional training was given within the caste structure.

It is not a ques­tion of the extent to which education provides or fails to provide employment to people but it is a question of education providing modern technology for the benefit of the poor and deprived people. Instead of merely viewing the growing population as a liability, we should change the population into an asset and strength along with trying to control its growth.

This can be done only by education and human development.

We have to wean them away from cutting classes, indulging in strikes, participating in students’ politics, seeking admission only for con­testing elections and offering courses only as a part-time study course. Though it is true that the number of educational institutions and stu­dents at all levels has increased but it cannot be contented that the quality of education, the interest of students, and dedication of teachers has also increased simultaneously.

The number of pre-primary schools has gone up, during the period from 1961 to 1998, by about 21 times (from 1,909 to 40,553), of primary schools has almost doubled (from 3.3 lakhs to 6.107 lakhs), of middle/senior schools has increased by little more than three and a half times (from 49,663 to 1.85 lakh), of higher secondary schools by about six times (from 17,257 to 107,100) and of universities (including deemed universities) by about five times (from 45 to 228).

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