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Despite the hype (and the implied pressure) behind a third date, it's important to stay cool and retain your perspective.Putting too much stress on yourself and on the situation is a common dating mistake that leads to others.Some people share an amazing chemistry very early on while for others it may take months to gradually warm towards passion.So, whether you have sex on the third date, the seventh date, or the seventeenth date should depend on how you feel about the whole relationship.Remember to be polite, hold doors open for her, give her a sincere compliment about her appearance and pay the tab.As a gentleman, you should assume no sex on the third date, despite the infamous “third date rule” that implies that the relationship must become physically intimate at this point.At this point, think of your time together as an opportunity to enter one another’s lives a little more.And as I mentioned in my blog for the second date, do not bring up anything negative, such as past relationships or controversial subjects – it is too early for those conversations.

The extra pressure that you may feel because of the third date myth (it is not a rule!

) can actually spoil the fun and romance of the date.

It’s not the number of dates that matter, it is the depth of feeling that you have for one another that should determine if you are ready for sex or not.

So open the car door for her, hop in, and off you go on a wonderful date to unravel the mystery of where your relationship is heading. As always I’m available to help you find your true love and build a relationship that lasts.

Here is my personal online scheduler to get your 30 minute Free “Getting It Right” strategy session. Dear Betty, I am at the very beginning of a new relationship and need advice. We both have kids – I have a son in college and she has two teenage sons.

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You opened up about yourselves and relaxed a little. It should be a little easier to come up with someplace you will both enjoy.

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