Dating someone with the same name as your sister dating services new hampshire

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My father and stepfather use different nicknames, but the three "brothers" all use the same nickname.

My father and brother have the same name, which is one of the most common male names in the US (I usually see it on lists as #2).

We've known each other 30 years, and I'll bet that's the total times we've addressed each other by our given names. This is kind of strange for me because I'm a bastard.

Of course, she was Jessica and my sister's almost always Jess or Jessy.

I dated a guy in college with that name, it didn't seem like a very big deal.

As other posters have said, in my mind my dad's name is "Dad" anyway.

But I would be somewhat discomfitted by dating a woman with same first name as my sister. The thing is, I don't think of my dad as his first name, I think of him as my dad, as in his first name is My and his middle name is Dad. Now, if he had my dad's name, that'd be cool, as long as he didn't ever want me to call him Daddy...I dated one guy for three years and Dad never got the name right, but the second we broke up, Dad started calling him by the right name.)I once had a class with a girl with the same first AND last name as my mom (and it's not a common name at all). I think I'd get rather tired of having to explain how we're not related all the time... My sister is married to a fellow with the same name as me. My biggest crush in high school was on a guy named Michael, but there was no chance that I would have ever dated him, since he was gay. She's had the nickname since she was a little kid, so I really never think of her given name, although I do know it.Later on, my parents got divorced and my mother remarried a man with the same name as me. So, I'm not very likely to date someone who goes by the same name as my mom, and if I met someone with that nickname it would definitely be an issue (not "I'm not going to date her", but "that's kind of wierd").:) And I agree with the previous posters that dating someone with the same name as my brother would be weirder. No problem, although it is a bit old-fashioned now. (The surnames in my family are rather uncommon, on both sides.)My ex-wife had the same name as my mother. So when we got married, she had the same name as my mother all the way.Around the time my son was born, we were staying with my parents for a short while. A couple of days after he was born, my sister answered the phone. I would like to speak to Mrs Dirty Hippy." "Umm, which one? My father and my stepfather both have the same first name.

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Both of them named their first son as Juniors, meaning that one of my brothers and one of my stepbrothers *also* have the same first name.

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