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Dating sites for astrology

Discover answers to important questions about love, relationships, work, life goals, skills, inner issues and much more.

Forecast the future and find compatibility with other people.

Register Forecast upcoming trends and likely events in the areas of love, career, energy, money, and the best potential for success on a given date.

See how the transiting planets affect your life and get tips and advice on how you can make the best of any transit and avoid pitfalls.

Besides learning about the person’s likes and dislikes, you even get to see really nice photos of your potential date.Taurus people do not like to move long distance – they do not like to move 20 miles away, so don’t expect them to relocate for you.Those with Gemini traits are adaptable, have the patience to have a long distance or Internet relationship and will be willing to move.Your only problem is that you better be thinking commitment and marriage if a Leo moves to be with you.Virgos will fight you on relocating, but will be open to having a long distance relationship.

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They want to be in a partnership and will try the Internet to find the love of their life.

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