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I spoke to relationship expert and founder of Spoon you should actually say something to a friend whose partner seems to be swiping away on a dating app."If [the friend] is someone from school who you had coffee with twice, don’t say anything," says Golden. What if someone else was using his face to catfish? (Been there.) Because really, who would be dumb enough to have a profile up on a dating app while in a relationship anyway? You don't want to be stirring a pot that is not yours to stir. If you saw Nick on a dating app with a "last active" indicator, check that. Maybe even text a close friend who you can trust — don't blow up your BFF's spot — about whether she knows anything about an open relationship. First, make sure that the profile is real and current.

"The friendship has to be close enough that it’s worth taking the bullet," shares Golden.

If she decides to stay with him, be there for her anyways.

While your romantic endeavors strangely injected you into their personal life, you're not a part of their relationship. This is the trickiest situation and I'm sorry you're in it.

If I saw a friend's partner on a dating app, here is how I predict my stream-of-conscious would go: "WTF. I think an email or carefully crafted text, where you can be clear on your wording and allow your friend to digest the news on her own time, is best.

If you decide Nick is probably just really bad at hiding his indiscretions and is on a dating app with nefarious intentions, think about how you'd like to hear the bad news.

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"And as a friend, it’s imperative that you support your friend after delivering the news." I think Golden has it right — be as nonjudgmental and supportive of your friend as possible.