Dating service for professinals

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Dating service for professinals

You can rest assured that we take the privacy of our members very seriously by providing a safe and secure environment to find your ideal match.Executive Muslim caters specifically for Educated Muslims seeking Educated Muslim Partners.The most common scenario I’ve encountered is one in which people think that mental illness involves hallucinations and delusions (e.g., that mental illness reduces to schizophrenia), and that it is treated primarily by medical doctors in corduroy coats (with leather arm patches, beards and pipes) who offer some variation on Freudian analysis as treatment. This scenario was actually a little accurate thirty years ago, but it resembles little having to do with reality today. As our name suggests, Executive Muslim Marriage will insh Allah cater for a very specialised niche.This Muslim matrimonial website is for Muslims who have worked very hard to achieve an academic qualification or have worked hard to build a business enterprise.• Everything is 100% FREE with absolutely No Hidden Charges! Every feature on our site is FREE, including Registration, viewing profiles, contacting members, messaging and other features.• Easy to navigate, easy to use, hassle free and straight to the point.

Through my professional contacts and our worldwide marketing team we can help you find an ideal partner Insh Allah.

Aslamu Alaikum Praise Be to Allah swt, the Master of the Universe, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious & the most Forgiving.

We testify Allah swt is One, He is Independent and that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS PBUH is the Final Messenger of Allah swt.

A very warm welcome to Executive Muslim Marriage: The Leading Marriage Site for Educated Muslims & Business Entrepreneurs. My name is Dr Saif Rafiq; I am based in London, United Kingdom.

I am the founder of this matrimonial website which specifically caters for ‘Educated Muslims’ and ‘Business Entrepreneurs’.

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Finally, this website is for Muslims who have a belief in the beautiful religion of Islam and follow the teachings of the Quraan & Sunnah.

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