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And what of a Saudi woman abused at the hands of a male guardian or a mahram? Likewise, a Saudi woman after serving her due time in prison can ONLY be received/picked up by her male guardian.She may report him and she may even take refuge in a shelter home, but the male guardianship remains intact and as such, her life and her very person are still under his control even though Islam states otherwise. In fact this has compelled the authorities to set up “guest housing” to which Saudi women whose families refuse to take them back are transferred.Of course it goes without saying that expat men can drive while Saudi women cannot.Or that an expat can renew his or her passport in Saudi Arabia while a Saudi woman can neither renew nor apply for her own passport?To date a sponsor can falsely report a sponsored expat as “huroob” (a runaway) or demand his or her deportation without the latter’s knowledge. Even her travel permit can be revoked without her knowledge.And what can be done behind a Saudi woman’s back, without her knowledge? She could be well on her way to the airport to catch an international flight only to find at the passport desk that she doesn’t have “permission” to fly.

If a sponsor should abuse the sponsored expat, shortchange him or her, delay salaries or not pay any salary at all, can the expat report the sponsor, retrieve due rights or payments without jeopardizing his or her job and status in the kingdom? The only way out of such a dilemma would be to ultimately leave the country.

Only her male guardian can apply for or renew her passport.

In fact she cannot even pick up her own passport once a male guardian has renewed it or had it issued.

Even when it comes to recreation, let us say staying at a beach resort or spending the day at sea on a boat ride, an expat woman can book herself into a beach resort and take that boat ride by herself or with other expat women.

But a Saudi woman cannot do the same without a male guardian present to sign her into the beach resort, although she can register herself in a hotel.

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And if this Saudi woman happens to have daughters, the male guardian of her daughters would be their father’s brother, etc.

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