Dating playing it cool

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Dating playing it cool

If he's sending "friendly but not flirty" texts, he's not that into you.

But then I'm not telling you anything you don't know, as if he was keen, you'd know where you stood. I'm not prepared to be second best or messed around so we shall see!

This dating lark is hard work, it was so simpler when I was 16 and you couldn't text!! If he's interested you would know, you're unsure so that tells us something.

Texting doesn't really have a personal cost to him but arranging a date does.

And at least you'll know rather than waiting around wondering! It's not about encouraging women to be passive - it's reminding us that a relationship is driven forward by 2 people wanting it to happen.

Women are much more inclined than men to build up hopes based on one or two dates, and it's a way of keeping that tendency in check - OP said she felt she had 'led' on 2nd date, so now it's his turn. I see that maybe he is playing it cool but guess he wouldn't waste his time texting me if he wasn't interested.

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Texting is doing my head in as I don't know where I stand.

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