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The cheapest place to buy Russian train tickets is at the station reservation office.Here are some tips: Feedback from 'seat61' correspondents has generally been very positive about the first three of these Russian agencies, nothing has yet been received about the All-Russia agency.'TBC' means the system cannot provide a price for that particular train automatically, but they'll contact you with a cost by phone or email.Note that even babies & infants need to have a ticket booked for them, even though they travel for free. Real Russia charge the normal Russian Railways fare plus a mark-up to cover their costs (all agencies charge a mark-up).

Is a bit fiddly and not as user-friendly as Real Russia, but there are no fees and it does work if you persevere.

Not here for chit chat or penpals Finished university.

I Appreciate the sense of humor and optimism., trust and frankness.

It's twice the price of travelling kup, although you get twice the space per passenger, so it's recommended for those who want extra privacy and space and who can afford it. On the best 'firmeny' trains you can often buy tickets with or without 'service', meaning with or without bedding and meals included. Washrooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor.

In addition to the normal 2-berth sleepers, the best Moscow-St Petersburg overnight train (the 'Krasnaya Strela or 'Red Arrow') also has two deluxe sleeping-cars with 1- & 2-bed compartments with private toilet and shower and TV / DVD entertainment system. Kup is recommended as the class chosen by most visitors to Russia.

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I am an introvert, In general, I do not like being in large crowds.