Dating madeira guitar

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Dating madeira guitar

This Madeira by Guild acoustic guitar article presents a compilation of historical information and date estimates along with quality and value speculations.Much of the information in this article is offered without any tangible proof.The guitars were first made in Japan based on existing Guild designs. Kasuga was one of the oldest stringed instrument manufactures in Japan (open approx. The quality of guitars built by Kasuga was very good. Legend has it that the Japanese workshop used pre-machined materials that were made in the USA by Guild.There doesn’t seem to be a consensus regarding those assembled in Korea—maybe some used materials from the US, maybe not.It is relatively certain Madeira was in production from the early ’70’s to early ’80’s.And, according to Michael Wright’s book, the Madeira name was also resurrected in the early ’90’s.

Especially in regards to original materials with printed dates, etc…Madeira Man on collectorsweekly claims he bought his Madeira in 1970.

To capture a share of the budget market, many American manufacturers have a separate, more affordable line of guitars.

Since production of these guitars is offshore, where labor is cheaper, they are sometimes referred to as import-lines.

Speculations abound that assembly moved from Japan to Korea in the 1980’s.

Quite possibly, the switch to Korea happened around ’79 or ’80.

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At least one online source references a price sheet (2182-D) with a date of March 1, 1982.

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