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Dating intrests

If you both like going to see a particular genre of movies, for example, you’ll want to keep seeing those movies after the relationship ends, but to some extent the experience will remind you of your partner, given her or his strong interest in them as well.

Even though, as I said, I never shared a lot of interests with my partners, something still stirs when I watch a movie or go to a restaurant we both liked.

The one bad thing that stands out about the site is the inability for users to conduct searches based on personal interests.

However, the creators say they’re adding this feature soon.

I would imagine that would happen much more often if someone shared a major life passion with their partner, like going to jam band shows, literary readings, or basketball games, things that you consider central to your life and identity and now are inextricably linked with a former partner.

For this reason, while relying on shared interests may be a great way to meet someone and get to know them better, I would caution against making them a precondition of a relationship (or a deal-breaker that prevents one).

Love Flutter even suggests a place to go on your first date based on your common interests.

Before signing up with the site, you’re able to view other people’s profiles to see if you’d like to become a member.But you can search for people outside of your area too if you like.It will be interesting to see if Love Flutter remains a site that focuses on people’s common interests or if it will eventually go the route of other sites and place more focus on profile pictures.Of course, those relationships all ended, so that may not speak well for my attitude toward shared interests!However, all of these relationships ended for reasons that had nothing to do with whether or not my partner and I had shared interests.

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(For more on this, see my earlier posts here and here.) They both provide a glue that maintains the relationship through tough times and gives the people in the relationship a chance to work on it, but may also keep the relationship together long after it stopped serving its purpose of making the partners feel happy and fulfilled.