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Most of the time, it's for reasons other than because we are just not into you. We're not really in the space to give you everything you deserve as a girlfriend. )Our friendship has even made some of the women I've been romantically involved with uncomfortable.

There's usually a logic behind the decision to remain platonic, that makes perfect sense to us but you probably don't or maybe even refuse to understand. We do want you in our lives however, because you might play a bigger role than you'll ever know. If we are not a position to handle said responsibilities, it could drive a deep wedge between us. One of my closest female friends is probably one of the most physically stunning women I've ever laid eyes on. But I wouldn't change our friendship for anything, and I would hope that one day I would be able to find someone who understands this.

The friend zone is such a devastating place to be in.

On the one hand, you feel like you have a foot in the door.

Not because I didn't want to do it or didn't want her for that matter, but we just never talked about it.

After six years of friendship, and a little on and off again romantic inklings.

Either they try harder in the unlikely event that she eventually gives in and lets you out of the friend zone, or just walk away and take this as a loss.

Because hey, the friend zone is familiar territory for 99 percent of men. Women, on the other hand tend to take it a tad bit personal if a man of their interest chooses to make their dynamic platonic. The good news is, unlike the male friend zone dynamic, there are usually more benign reasons behind why a man would want to place an attractive young lady into the zone of no return (usually). You might even have a great friend for life once you do come to terms with this.It may seem like she’s being intimate with you by wishing you a good night, but it’s nowhere near the level of endearment of saying Sweet dreams! If these girls were truly interested in you, then they would definitely make time to respond to your texts despite their busy schedules.If they were truly feeling swamped, it might take them a little longer to reply than usual, but they would never shun a conversation with you.Maybe you see something in me that I don't see for myself just yet. I know you're probably better off with someone else, even though it will kill me to see you with another man.*Cues "Bambi" by Jidenna.*At the same time, I know this will end in disaster because we are just not on the same level.Let's just spare each other that calamity and hold out for hopes of the future.

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I knew that 2 am, in a bed filled with lust, was neither the time or place to have this discussion I could have pulled the classic 17-year-old boy move and agreed to the terms and conditions just to get what I wanted in the moment. If you are to move about friend status, I believe there's a way to go about it.

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