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Dating for men over 40

“It can be hard to balance between work, trying to stay connected with friends, dating, and being a parent. You can feel so stretched.” His advice to anyone taking on the dating scene after 40 is to stay open and avoid setting concrete expectations.

“Don’t make judgments on how you’re going to feel about relationships for a while and live by your own truth.

I’m looking for more substance than I might have in the past,” he says.

Finding out early on if the other person is dating with the same intentions and goals as her own is key to Natasha Harp, 45.

When she wants to know about your ex, she will ask.

As you get older, you realize it’s time for connection and not just something physical.” For many, Weiss points out, juggling the responsibilities of being a parent can add challenges to dating.

Flexibility on everyone’s part helps tremendously, he says.

“I’m looking for someone who wants to be in a committed long-term relationship, and I’m very honest with what I’m looking for, although I don’t try to force it.

I am looking for someone who wants to share their time and, eventually, their life.” While the online dating option can seem appealing and convenient, it can quickly lose its luster if those on the other end of the messages have a different end result in mind or are representing themselves in a not-so-accurate manner.

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Call a woman and have a plan and a date rather than suggest that you will figure it out later.

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