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Celiac disease tends to run in families, as it is a genetic disorder.

You pick yourself up and get back out there super-fox, because in the end, you deserve love.Sitting in the shadows of my eco-friendly Prius, I scan the parking lot for any sign of life. A man walking with his head down, looking very suspicious shifts his gaze towards me. Whether you are having a casual dinner or hitting “da club” for a night of dancing, Parkinson’s disease doesn’t take reservations and can be unpredictable. That depends on how much your Parkinson’s impacts your body. Don’t waste time on someone who will not accept you. You’re a super-fox and anyone who cannot see past the disease, doesn’t deserve your time. I mean, seriously people, it’s challenging to find someone who you connect with, let alone finding someone who is worth the effort of shaving your legs on a Friday night. So seeing as I am single-and-ready-to-mingle, I thought I might answer some of the questions that come to mind when trying to date with Parkinson’s disease. I have referred to us Parkies as we are all unique and no two are the same. So while I don’t have a tremor, my Dyskinesia can be a challenge to hide.

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Researchers think as few as 20% of people with the disease ever get a proper diagnosis.

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