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The future robot armies will never be able to reach us there!The water will rust their circuits and they know it. I wanted to let them know that we often take this sex and dating thing a little too seriously, and I sincerely hope the ironic tone of my columns helped to underscore that point. And I wanted to let you know that we love the women who want that. Lindsay has always loved food and I love online business, so we’ve known we wanted to work together on creating a dynamic membership website for food bloggers ever since we started dating in high school. We were getting more emails and more questions about food blogging from other food bloggers and people who wanted to start their own blog.We actually first talked about the idea for Food Blogger Pro on an average evening walk. Lindsay’s food blog, Pinch of Yum, had been steadily growing over the last few years. As we walked and talked, we had this realization that we had both sort of inadvertently learned a lot about food blogging that might be useful to new food bloggers. Our hope for Food Blogger Pro is that it can be a community and a resource for food bloggers from all over the world.

But I stopped talking to you years ago, because all you could tell me about when you left was that it wasn't 2.5 years -""I'm getting older. I'm going to die soon." She starts crying."Ma, I would love to have a relationship with you." I don't know if I really meant that, especially since my dad died I resigned myself to never speak to her again. Because you can't admit what happened, then so be it.""It wasn't 2 years. I have a three way phone let's call him and find out.""Ok, lets! It's 4 in the morning.""No right now, because if you don't start telling me what happened this is the last time that we will be speaking.""Not right now.""Ma, good night."This is not the post I wanted to be my return to blogging post.

Just how much is a person supposed to take in at 4AM? How can the only thing that you tell me about the period when you left be that, 'It wasn't two years'? Yes, him knowing that the woman who's spirit he broke, that the woman who developed an eating disorder after we broke up, (Though since, I've learned to never let a man make me doubt my "cute appeal" - lol) was looking good; and that felt good as hell.

Can't I just life my life and let her life be her life? What he could never explain to me, was why she left. (I wanna tell her, I fucking hate her at this point - but I leave that part out). The girl who people used to say "smiled too much", stopped smiling. But I tell ya, even though I weighed less than I did in high school and was much healthier, the best part was when I saw his brother after we broke up and his brother relayed the fact that I was looking good.

Generally I get these type of stories and messages, before a major holiday or before her birthday. Days when I guess she hope that she can guilt me into calling. Then she starts telling me that I am in a long line of people who don't love her... What better revenge can there be after a break-up than looking better when you see them and thinking, Petty, whatever. Yeah I'll be healthier, I'll lose the grief weight I gained since my dad's death, but most importantly, I'll have my revenge (insert evil laughter here). I'm on my way to the crib anxiously awaiting your response.

I guess there is something that you should know here: My mom is the poster child for self-pity. And if all else fails to draw you to her side of a story, she piles on the guilt. She was raped by the people who my grandmother had left her to be with... My dad had been filling my head with bad stories about her.... Call it if you must, but ain't nothing better than seeing someone you used to date pick up their face off the ground when they see how good you look post break-up. I've got a meeting tomorrow morning at church that I'm certainly not looking forward to.

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