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The Example Finder is a tool to find Tagalog example sentences for how Tagalog words are used in real-world sources.The examples here come from fiction, short stories, internet comments, and news articles.The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines clarified in a statement that despite these changes, “the teaching about the indissolubility and unity of marriage remains.The doctrine about the sacredness of marriage and family life is unchanged.Puwede namang magpakasal kayo ng hindi “legal” bagkus kung baga’y walang papeles na pinipirmahan, kung sakaling hindi pa divorce ang status ng kinakasama mo, ay yong nga Sa ganoong ritwal, kahit kayong dalawa ng kinakasmaa mo ay mag-seremonya sa isang silid halimbawang dumating ang anniversary nyo, o kaya’y sa Valentine’s day, ay iyon nga “maggagawa kayo ng isang ritwal o seremonya na kunwari ay ikakasal kayong dalawa” at pagkatapos ay magsayaw at magpakasaya kayo na kunwari ay totoo kayong ikinasal.

I wanna see you wear my cloths and borrow my jewelry. I wanna see you put your heart and soul into something. Bishops are also given the authority to speed up a decision, especially in special cases.Archbishop Cruz welcomes these changes, especially since couples who have not yet been annulled are living in sin by being in another relationship, despite being legally separated.She has no plans of filing an annulment because of this reasons.Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz admitted that couples would have to wait years before the church annuls their marriage due to their thorough examination of each case.

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