Dating an older virgo man

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Dating an older virgo man

Her distant nature also helps her ward off the advances of the wrong men.

Like all Earth signs, Virgo is a mysterious mixture of both sensuality and conservatism.

Virgo men often have a problem expressing their deepest feelings.

He is often attracted to his opposite - a woman that is extroverted and lively.

But, if you are in love with a Virgo, try to understand them better and appreciate their good traits.

Love between any two signs is possible if both are willing to compromise and appreciate the other sign for who they are.Like Virgo women, Virgo men also put on the façade of being totally in control of their emotions.He can be cautious, yet also sensitive and adoring when with the right mate.On the outside, Virgo women seem calm, cool, and collected, almost to the point of being remote. Virgo women have emotions surging through their veins, but these emotions so intense, they often scare her.She can be seen as reserved or aloof because of she realises the intensity of her emotions and is trying to control them through self-discipline.

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Virgo women are often very cautious when becoming involved with others.