Dating a girl who cuts herself

Posted by / 05-May-2020 14:06

Reason #4: It’s an alternative outlet for emotional pain.

Kids raised in a household where sadness, hurt, or disappointment get invalidated or mocked start to believe that it’s not okay to feel bad.

Reason #3: Cutting can be a way to stop feeling numb.

In particular, individuals with a history of trauma may self-harm to take control of their own pain, or to feel something other than numbness.

Self-harm is one of the last things people feel ashamed of—despite it being far more widespread than you might suspect.If cutting is a way to feel deep dark emotions, experiment with ways to feel those emotions safely: Listen to music that matches how you feel, have a good cry, or write out your thoughts in a journal, even if you just write page after page of profanity in big black letters.If cutting is a way to release tension, move your body—visit a boxing gym or go for a long, pounding run.They turn to cutting as an “acceptable” way to feel pain—if they’re not allowed to feel it emotionally, they’ll let it out physically.In short, think of cutting and self-harm as any other unhealthy coping mechanism like getting drunk, binge eating, or getting high; it’s a way to feel something other than what you’re feeling, or it can be a way to punish yourself for not measuring up. Even when suicide isn’t the intention, it’s all too easy to cut too deeply.

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The frequency of self-injury also varies; some do it daily, while others can go weeks, months, or even years between episodes.