Dating a colt 1911 are debby ryan and justin bieber dating

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If the metal below the link holds the link up at about the correct angle that the hole in the link lines up with the hole in the receiver during assembly, the barrel is from the early part of the range.Without more detailed information, narrowing it down much more than that would be guesswork.

If you can't find someone who needs it, it is worth whatever someone who doesn't need one is willing to pay.

You cannot take the barrel out of the side if the link is to the rear.

The inside of the Barrel is clean and has strong lands. I am certainly not an expert, but do know more than the average person.

If the leters are intertwined in which the straight line of the P is the right side of the H, the serial number range is 425,000-710,000.

So using those serial numbers, 25,001 is dated in 1913, and 425,001 would be dated 1918.. You already stated it was purchased after WWI so those dates are probable correct.

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