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Two of its Hong Kong branches have earned a coveted Michelin star, with the mothership Xinyi store in Taipei sneaking into the Miele Guide.

Not bad for a chain restaurant, and not a "fancy" one at that.

Eva Airways in 2013 made headlines with the resurrection of its themed planes, which feature the ubiquitous cat on everything from exterior liveries to headrest covers to fruit, which is cut in the shape of you know what.

Pink kitty curtains, kitty bath amenities, kitty tea set and a radio that plays Hello Kitty music are all involved. Then you can book a breakfast date with a talking and moving "live" Hello Kitty.

Adding to a cabinet of trophies, a team from Taiwan won the 2013 Junior League Baseball Junior World Series.

Taiwan has what many call the best universal health-care system in the world.

The studio, created by a Hong Kong media tycoon, takes infotainment to another level.

Founded in 2007 to create CGI-animated videos for news without real footage for Apple Daily News in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the talents of Taiwan's animators were exposed to the world with the 2009 release of their hilarious video of what might have happened during Tiger Woods' infamous car crash.

In June 2013, the service was rolled out to tourists in four of the five largest cities, using more than 4,400 hotspots.The impressive permanent collection comprises more than 650,000 items.Chinese history is told through bronze statues, jade carvings, calligraphy, lacquerware and other historical pieces -- many of which belonged to Chinese imperial families -- including an intriguingly life-like, meat-shaped stone and a jadeite cabbage.Taiwan's obsession with the Japanese-born Sanrio character doesn't stop at feline-themed restaurants.Taiwan holds the distinction of being the first in the world to be honored with Hello Kitty-branded beer.

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Visitors can sign up for an i Taiwan account with their passport at Taiwan Tourism Bureau centers and offices in transportation stations, then receive complimentary Wi-Fi in Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan.