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With more than a billion people on line these days, it is not surprising that cybersex has become an addiction for some.Cybersex addiction may not fulfill physiologic definitions of addictions.Speaking of cybersex, there are lot of people that gets addicted to it. I don't know anything about your situation of course, but one place to start is to take the Great Sex Assessment and see if it gives you some insight into what might be going on with you.

Potential areas of harm include: personal neglect, compulsive preoccupation with checking and clicking, depression, and marital discord.If you are having problems with addictive sex this can help clarify what you might want to try to do differently, especially if you are in a relationship.The assessment is free and just takes a few moments of your time. Well all thing can become adicting including cybersex but at least there not out spreading all of these STDs around.In those cases, there is absolutely no danger of STDs.I don't agree that cybersex leads to "depression" or "personal neglect" (you show no sources or evidence for this).

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I strongly disagree with people who claim that cybersex is "unhealthy" or "harmful".

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