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You may want to apply for a consolidation loan if you’re struggling to make your minimum monthly payments on your , line of credit or overdraft.Or, it might make sense to consolidate high interest rate debts into one monthly payment with a lower interest rate.A Debt Management Program (DMP) is a way of consolidating your unsecured debts without borrowing more money.It allows you to get out of debt by making one monthly payment that fits your budget.To learn more about consolidating debt payments with a Debt Management Program, click here.To “settle your debts” means to offer your creditors a one-time lump sum payment to pay off part of what you owe them.To find out if a DMP is a good debt consolidation option for you, one of our Credit Counsellors would be happy to look at your situation with you.

There are mortgage rules in Canada about using your home equity to consolidate debt.Depending on the type of debts you have and your overall circumstances, filing a Consumer Proposal may be a good option for you.Speak with one of our qualified Credit Counsellors to determine if you should also speak with a Bankruptcy Trustee.We’ll help you prepare your budget and the information you need for your appointment ahead of time.To learn more about using Consumer Proposals as a debt consolidation tool, click here.

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