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For more on the search options available, please read about Christian matchmaking on the Cafe.My senior year in college, I met a girl that blew me away. And I suspected we had a lot of other things in common as well. I saw her often — at prayer meeting, our IVCF meetings, around campus.To get started, complete a quick profile and you can then instantly communicate with thousands of other Christian singles.For more, please read our free Christian dating FAQ.I prayed that and had complete faith that in God's timing this would happen.I give all the praise and glory to God, and thanks to Christian for a great site with a comfortable atmosphere to it." One lonely Sunday afternoon, Ina from Norway signed on to Christian in hopes of finding true love.But nearly 17 years of marriage later, I am so thankful that Adrienne found that excuse for a second lunch.

Most popular is our Christian forums which have become a great way to really get to know other Christian singles and potential matches.A few days later I saw her again at our campus prayer meeting. ) was an earnest “We should do lunch again sometime,” followed by awkward avoidance of actually setting it up. She took the initiative and found an excuse to set up a meeting. Once again, at the end of the lunch, I suggested we should get together again.I told her how much I enjoyed our lunch, and that we should do it again. That cold, gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was in charge of small group Bible studies on campus and she was leading one. And once again, fear gripped me and I failed to act.Short story shorter: 6 months from first wink and emails to ring and marriage papers. Congratulations to Ina and Matt on their new arrival!Christian is more than just a Christian Dating site.

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Thank you so much, marriage is such a wonderful blessing that you have helped make happen!

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