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Too often, these failures get their roots from partners who confuse sex with love.Let's begin with a biblical look at the purpose of sex.A couple can seem to fall in love on a moonlit night when, in reality, they don't even like each other.Later, when the relationship cools off, they discover that they would not make good marriage partners.Even mental adultery, or impure sexual thoughts, are forbidden (Matthew -28).Adultery is the only grounds for divorce (Matthew ), and marriage is otherwise to bind the two partners until death.When we're dating, marriage should indeed be at the forefront of our minds.We should approach the process of dating with the same careful judgment that we use in finding a marriage partner, using our mind, will, and emotions.

The woman is to be a help to her husband, and the incomplete and lonely man is made complete through marriage.

Too often, they go ahead and get married based upon a temporary emotional high, when their relationship has not proven itself with the test of time.

It takes more than just common interests to insure a good marriage relationship.

Dating is the process that we use for this, but it isn't just a game where we pick a winner from a pool of prospects based upon our preferences and self-interest.

For each one of us, God has designed a single person who will suit us best, and with whom we can bring the most glory to God.

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From this we can conclude that marriage is a control placed upon the use of sex.

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