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More from Cherry Norris Published: August 13, 2009 Looking for a perfect man will keep you single. Published: April 15, 2009 Just in case this season you're invited to a fabulous party or decide to host that intimate gathering or just want to go out with friends to see the latest cover band...Accepting a man because he's good enough will help you have an intimate romantic relationship. Leaning into a clean way of eating and watching your weight is healthy. Published: July 20, 2009 Your home tells your story. And just in case He's there, you wanna look and feel your best.Published: March 24, 2009 Gina was so excited that a man she was really interested in FINALLY called to invite her out! " Gina is so frustrated by the man's lack of a plan that the energy drains right out of the phone call.What could Gina have done, and how could she have kept her date in a position of respect and the chemistry high? " You know it's possible to have a great relationship.Further, she said on her Twitter account that she enjoys dating younger men.Back in 2014, Chanel announced her relationship with a pop singer named Liam Horne, a Scottish singer who is seven years younger than her.

Visit Cherry on-line and sign up for her FREE "Love Life & Looking Good" Newsletter with tons of great advice for your Love Life. Learn the 2 questions to ask yourself when decorating your home.You want to be prepared with gifts for yourself as well as others.Here are five great gift ideas that are appropriate for you to give during the Holidays..all year 'round!Author, speaker, filmmaker and founder of Dating Director, Inc., Cherry Norris is one of America's top leading dating and relationship experts.As writer, director and producer of the Internationally acclaimed feature length romantic comedy, DUTY DATING, Cherry realized the value of the film's premise in her own romantic relationships.

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Like the heroine of her film, Cherry applied this powerful information and met her dream man, Lorenzo, while sailing the Mediterranean. As The Dating Director, Cherry has lead workshops around the US and on cruises to Mexico and Alaska with Dr. She has been featured in The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Divine Caroline and Women's World.