Cheezburger dating fail blog alexandra chando and blair redford dating 2016

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Cheezburger dating fail blog

Back in August, Olivia Melville was the subject of a online abuse after a screenshot of her Tinder profile was uploaded to a stranger's Facebook page. No half-assed attempts at appearing sexy, interesting, smart, cool, funny and unique all at the same time: you either put everything in or nothing. There's no bullsh*tting here, no skirting around the subject. So go with it, and enjoy these inspirational Tinder moments.A mutual friend alerted Olivia and soon her friends came to her defense. The post began picking up traction across Facebook, until one person (Zane) began dropping rape threats and other violence towards Olivia. Some are funny, some are sad, some are funny and sad.

Here's what people said that sometimes worked but mostly didn't work in the moments that counted.

But you never truly know what's gonna happen out there and start wooing people with terrible puns.

For more outrageousness from the dating world, here's some more funny tinder profiles. Although some of them seem so bad that they must be real, we will never know for sure. Either way, they definitely deserve serious consideration on the right swipe for the effort put forth.

Are some of these borderline insane, and giving off the distinct whiff of potential sex addiction?

Radio Host @Stefan Molyneux, met quite a bit of backlash on Twitter after tweeting out his incendiary thoughts on how women wearing lipstick is equivalent to men wearing "artificial erections" around the office.

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A Twitter user apparently found this "nice" note taped up around town. It turns out that almost no one feels that way:via @Hell3Quin, @mitchberghini, @Big Hairy Marty, @scatterkeir, @Agent Ann KBut hey, there's hope!