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C datagridview validating

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Although you can create your own types of cells the Windows Forms Data Grid View control is mostly column-based, rather than cell-based.

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As a result, to attain most tasks, you have to work with the columns, not the cells themselves. NET assembly from Rustemsoft is a Data Grid View Columns software package specifically designed for . The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS Windows .

NET forms Data Grid View control without waiving the user interface elements your customers need.

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Rustemsoft Data Grid View Columns dynamic link library contains the following Data Grid View Columns: The Data Grid View Combo Column contains combobox for a Data Grid View on your . The Combo column is not just a dropdown combobox, which appears when a Data Grid View cell becomes the current cell. Net Data Grid View Combo Column control has the following attractive features: This Data Grid View Combo column is not just a dropdown combobox, which appears when a Data Grid View cell becomes the current cell.

This Data Grid View Combo Column gives you ability to instantly update dropdown values with a really simple and friendly user interface.

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