Britney spears dating sandip soparrkar

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“Britney and Sandip tried to keep their reunion in India hush-hush as they’re determined to have a relationship just like any other couple,” says source.

“Sandip is very down to earth and keeps Britney grounded.

Sandip is very down to earth and keeps Britney grounded.

He’s also quite spiritual and sensitive, which is a side of him she adores. Sandy ordered local delicacies including chicken tikka and a cottage cheese curry.

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The pair met at a party thrown by Madonna earlier this year, and Britney liked him so much that she hired him to choreograph her Womanizer video. Mirror reports: Britney, 27, even flew to Jodhpur for a romantic three-day Christmas break with Sandip who is a pin-up in his native India.

The couple, who have been dating for three weeks, exchanged homemade pressies under the tree.

He resigned shortly after the School Superintendent confronted him about allegations from a parent. This couldn’t have been what the small high school expected when it hired the ex-Patriots football player to coach its football team!

She’s heard a lot about it and what tops her list here is trying out the spicy Indian curry.” 10 more pics inside of Britney Spears as a darling dancer…

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