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A few short years ago, that’s the scenario most would have predicted.Instead, the universe has, as the universe does so often these days, turned everything upside down.Shushannah Walshe on Bristol's stunning staying power.Nobody puts Baby in the corner—not even Bristol Palin.‘Cause it’s not fun having to fight with Dakota and to fight with Levi and it’s all over the petty stuff that’s not going to matter five months from now.” Palin shares daughters Sailor Grace, 2, and Atlee Bay, 1, with Meyer, 30.Their divorce was finalized over the summer as well. “Levi refuses to sign this contract, saying that he has zero interest in the money that Tripp makes. ” “All these trigger points with my ‘baby daddies,’ as Jerry Springer says, it all comes from money,” she said with a laugh.

Palin came in third, and Disney star Kyle Massey came in second in a season that was full of controversy for Sarah Palin’s 20-year-old daughter, who week after week scored lower than other contestants but remained in the competition.

Money could solve all of Bristol Palin’s problems with Levi Johnston and Dakota Meyer.

The “Teen Mom” star admitted in a new clip obtained by Page Six that she’s still having money issues with Johnston — and her situation with Meyer isn’t any better.

The 19-year old unwed mother should have disappeared into a life of Trivial Pursuit irrelevance and slow news day “Where Are They Now? She was not supposed to be dancing up a storm on one of America's top-rated shows with her mother in the audience cheering.

On the other hand, right about now, Lindsay Lohan, one of the most acclaimed actresses of her own and every other generation, was not supposed to have hit rock bottom.

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Reviving memories from Dirty Dancing and even breaking down in tears when remembering her co-star Patrick Swayze, who died of cancer last year, seemed to strike a chord with fans.

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