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We never had an answer, but thanks to the internet we have our own happy ending, so we really wanted to help others find theirs.

Although the gay and lesbian community has moved forward with our civil rights, society still views black lesbianism as taboo.Without making sweeping generalizations I have noticed that many career-oriented, professional women tend to be very physically active.You might find them at a cycling club, Cross Fit, boot camps, Sierra hiking clubs etc.If you’re attracted to sporty women who play group sports on the weekends, you better find yourself a local recreational softball league and start hanging out at their games.Or, maybe you respond to more creative types, who own their own businesses. You don’t have to be creepy, just attend an event and say hello.

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Our own race still can’t seem to grasp that this is not just something white people do.”For Lez Intellect, the pen name of the Atlanta blogger behind the site Diary of a Black Lesbian, “The only difference is our personal relationships revolve around women and not men.

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  1. It seems the only pressure I feel about being single is when I meet my married or to be married friends or those in a relationship. Arguably, financially I am starting to feel it doesn't make much sense, as I am always the friend or aunty who buys the engagement, wedding, birth, birthday gifts and countless cards (it's a big thing here in the UK) which is amounting to a pretty little sum (did the math - you all owe me big time!!