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I won’t go over the math as that is super boring, but this means that a normal exposure of two seconds would be just over one minute on this paper.I put a fresh sheet in the enlarger, gave it one minute and presto! Since it was after midnight at this point and things were getting wobbly, I processed a few more frames and quit for the night.I’m not saying a great adventure can’t start that way, but we all know it usually doesn’t.Some of you might be wondering why this is such a big deal and why something like film or paper even has an expiration date?When I say darkroom, I mean the bathroom in my house. I have the trays in the tub and the enlarger off to the side.For the developer, I use liquid Ilford Multigrade paper developer because I can mix it in single tray batches without having to store huge bottles of mixed chemistry that will just go bad before I can use them up.

Sixty two years is certainly pushing the envelope well beyond reasonable limits.Guest blog by Brent Bublitz The year is 1951, Alice in Wonderland has just hit the theaters in London. The average cost of a new home in the US was 00, and this box of Kodak Velox has just expired.Kodak Velox Rapid paper was a fiber based photographic paper used to create prints from photographic negatives.This is the same gelatin as found in products such as Jello.The same green Jello you eat at 3am while watching monster movies on that channel no one watches at any other time.

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Other than that, I just use a plain water stop bath and regular Kodak Fixer.

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