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2015 investigation into practices of pseudo-dating enterprises by Elena Petrova revealed the scale of the problem. The scheme dominates paid online advertising channels and continues to lure thousands of new potential victims daily., the operations of local agents are concentrated in Ukraine.Russia and Belarus, other popular destinations for courting women from Eastern Europe, have much stricter laws and order.Ukraine became the hub for pseudo dating structures and their recruiters, which openly advertise through the largest online employment platforms such as Sources report that a local operator in Kiev may be earning around USD 10,000 dollars monthly on conducting preposterous correspondence with men dreaming about a relationship with a sweet Eastern European girl.However, at present times, the true essence of these operations is not openly disclosed in their promotions and paid advertising online.

You can build your profile and instantly send messages to someone who is significantly older or younger than you are.

The fact of the operator receives remuneration for proclaiming affection to the client is also hidden.

Instead, the users are led to believe the love proclamations are genuine.

There has been a report in press about an agent prosecuted in Kiev on a complaint from a duped groom, who arrived to visit his supposed online girlfriend, with whom he chatted for months online.

When the foreigner realized he fell a victim of a pseudo-dating scam, the man filed a case with the local police, which concluded in an arrest.

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However, catfish scams are run by individuals, while pseudo dating structures are purposefully designed organizations, with thousands of employees and layers of hierarchy.