Are attractive women intimidating to men

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Of course, a woman is most likely to say yes to a man she perceives as than intelligence.A man who tops the chart in intelligence with a score of 10 out of 10 has only a 10 percent chance of being chosen if he scores a 2 for attractiveness.In sum, our hypothetical woman with a 6 out of 10 score for attractiveness will do best with men at a speed-dating event if she scores around a 7 for intelligence.Men will be less interested in her if she is any less or any more intelligent than this.

But women didn’t shoot down every unattractive man.

The claim that men are intimidated by clever women is backed by the results of a new study conducted by Polish economists Adam Karbowski and his colleagues from the Warsaw School of Economics analyzed data from a Columbia University speed-dating experiment, in which more than 500 students participated.

The men and women took part in a regular speed-dating event.

After that, any further increases in intelligence have little to no effect on his chances of being picked.

The researchers state: “If male speed-daters can choose, then it is better to be perceived by female conversation partners as handsome and not necessarily brainy than the opposite.

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The likelihood that he will receive a yes increases slightly with every additional point of attractiveness.

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