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Andrea syrtash on dating

She even co-hosted a TV show about relationships on the Oprah Winfrey Network.Now, after struggling with infertility, Andrea has a new perspective on relationships and has developed a website to speak to couples who have difficulty conceiving.“My goal is to better support people through this experience.” Andrea’s new site is an extension of her work with couples.She has spent her career discussing various roadblocks to intimacy and happiness, and now she is tackling a subject that is close to her heart: infertility.The website’s motto is “real talk about fertility,” and that’s exactly what its articles and videos provide.

She’s faced other issues in her body, included invasive fibroid tumors, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to start her family.Now Andrea is expecting a child, and her cousin is acting as gestational carrier for her.Andrea’s journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy, but it has motivated her to start a website to make the way a little less treacherous for people who have difficulty conceiving or need Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).The Scoop: As a dating and relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash has advised couples through all sorts of difficulties, including how to delegate chores, diffuse conflict, and rekindle romance.She has shared her advice in televised interviews, on podcast episodes, through seminars, and in self-help books.

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When she and her husband struggled to conceive a child for many years, Andrea realized that infertility is one of the toughest chapters of a relationship (the relationship someone has to a partner, community, and herself) and the issue was rarely addressed from a non-clinical or non-medical perspective.