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The car was located in a Missouri City parking lot with a gas can and a laundry basket in the trunk.

And investigators found footage of Vence arriving at the hospital in the Altima, despite claiming not to know the whereabouts of the vehicle after the abduction, according to charging documents.

He said he was checking on a possible flat tire on the way to Bush Intercontinental Airport, where he was supposed to pick up his fiance, and was attacked by three men.

He said he woke up after nearly a day later, regained consciousness and got a ride to the hospital with his 1-year-old son, who was still with him.

The video caught Vence going in and out of their Alief-area apartment twice on May 3, once while carrying a heavy laundry basket packed with a large trash bag, documents show.

Houston police said Vence left the home during the second trip with cleaning supplies, including a bottle of bleach.

Two police dogs also smelled the "scent of decomposition" in the silver Nissan Altima that Vence drove the night of Maleah's reported disappearance, the documents state.

CLUES: Police find blood linked to Maleah Davis in family's apartment "The main thing right now that all of us want to know is, what did he do with Maleah? The protesters drowned out Quanell X as he spoke to reporters. After several minutes, Quanell X and Bowens walked down the hallway of the courthouse. The mother had left Maleah and her other two children in Vence's care while she was out of state for a family member's funeral, Quanell X said.

Protesters followed, chanting, "Justice for Maleah! " Several people yelled while tailing the mother down the street. But on May 4, Vence reported Maleah missing and told police he had been knocked in-and-out of consciousness for nearly 24 hours while his stepdaughter was abducted.

Houston law enforcment detectives are accompanying Miller's search crew to Arkansas.

Update in Maleah Davis investigation: Our homicide detectives are en route to Arkansas to follow up on new information received in our search and investigation involving 4-year-old Maleah Davis.

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At least a dozen people, some bearing signs and T-shirts declaring "Justice for Maleah," had arrived for an initial court appearance for Derion Vence, the boyfriend accused of tampering with a human corpse in the four-year-old's disappearance.

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