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Am i dating a narcissistic man

They are so in their own world they can’t even see you.It’s hard to stand in someone else’s shoes when you can’t see past your own.Any time you express your honest feelings, you might stumble into your partner’s emotional quicksand. Falling in love may put you off balance, but standing in love firmly grounds you.

When they shine their light on you, it is easy to fall hard.

Or you and your partner disagree and somehow you end up second-guessing yourself, as if dissent threatens his very well-being.

Any needs you communicate that aren’t in line with his may be thrown back at you as a character flaw.

Even disagreeing about what you think of a movie can trigger your partner’s disapproval or anger.

Living with or dating narcissists feels like you have to tiptoe around minefields and are constantly on guard to not set them off.

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