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Adult online dating secrets exposed pdf

According to a blog post (Ed: we’d normally link to it but it wasn’t responding at the time we edited this article) published 13 April, ROR[RG] was demanding a 0,000 ransom for the data because the hacker was “pissed off” that the dating site owed “his buddy” approximately 8,000.

Although Teksquisite didn’t find any credit card data associated with the hacked accounts, she said, there is enough information out there to cause the exposed users considerable harm.

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Some of those users were fond of doing things behind closed doors that they might not want their friends, families or employers to find out.

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Teksquisite said many of the 15 spreadsheets in the data dump included only email addresses – but 400,000 of the accounts included details that could be used to identify users, such as their username, date of birth, gender, race, IP address, zip codes, and sexual orientation.

All told, it’s “more then enough data to enable a cybercriminal to conduct a massive phishing campaign,” Teksquisite said in the blog post.

The trove of data was published on a Dark Web forum by a hacker named ROR[RG], Channel 4 News reported.

The Channel 4 News story is corroborated by a blogger named Teksquisite, “a self-employed IT consultant,” who uncovered the same data cache last month and accused the hacker of attempting to extort money from Adult Friend Finder before leaking the stolen account data.

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