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Accommodating party

Parents may feel more comfortable, especially if their child has social anxiety issues, if they are invited to stay or help as an option.

By telling them that their presence is valued, and asking what they need, you will build a new level of trust and affection.

Children and adults with cognitive, learning disabilities or vision impairments might not be able to read the menu, instructions for a scavenger hunt or a game score sheet.

Pictures and verbal instructions are useful, as well as pairing children with those who can help.

Most public places – hotels, restaurants, bowling, video games, pools, bounce houses, etc.

– are usually equipped for people with disabilities. Kids and adults can be daunted when encountering someone who is different from them.

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Installing free Dragon software onto an i Pad in advance can enable you to speak with someone who is deaf, as it instantly transcribes what you are saying.