A33 chat dating forum game info

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A33 chat dating forum game info

if u didnt know, the nicer person, is always d needy person, its always d deeply loving person, itz d most faithful person, its d person dat cares more, taking for Granted most, commits more to d ish, n most often, d most hurt person when things go wrong. THIS PERSON IS BASICALLY ON DA PERSENGER'S SEAT WHILE D ODA CRUISE HIM/HER ABOUT WHEREVER THEY PLEASE! I just got out of a messed up relationship about 2 months ago. Flexing ur time , airtime n so many other while u r here calling BABE? U wud assume u broke up with her n stop calling, hanging out. boss whats ur possible solution cos I do end up leaving them i get your drift....! it is not only magnent that have invincible force fields . Just like u cant date everybody, convo too is same. If we are sure of meeting her again, number isnt our first priority rather we boda bout dropping Lines of Note ( LON) for d first two or 3 meetings. The only time we make n0s a priority after dropping LON is if we aint sure we see her again.Why do u feel THE URGE THAT U must BE NICE TO LADIES THE WAY MOMMA TOT U? Like reksly rightly said, u r Unpredictable in som of ur Approaches, this is no trait of a NICE A33. If only u wud balance it out with what u r picking here, u wud be a more touched gee wit more fun experience! As y'all might already know, I was overly caring and proclaimed love for my girl several times due to my naivety. U r lucky this is not wiithin my training session, guys wud hv held ur hands n legs, lie u flat oon d floor while i give u sttrokes of aboki bulala . )) U just succedded in handin G her ur huge balls strewpidly. If she calls, pick n in a hurry tone tell her u wud call her back n drop. Tension can cause this, her lack of humour sense can too, ur not livng ready cud n so many other factors. N hey, the best time is when d ovation is loudest( her defenses r down), B4 she wakes from d laughter, u got d line, n u gone.

My group were very angry and they all swore vengeance on her. They all tried her one by one but no one was able to bed her.Thats my point.drnoel: Still the paradox there is what I am against as regards what Hardone ia saying and that is the that there is a manual on how to handle women and that being nice to them is wrong as hardone states.One can keeping being all these and still be nice to them. Why cant she be NICE TO U while u go about the more important things like Living ur life n Making dem money? Ok, im feelin beta now after pausing for 15mins Here is what you wud do. Cut her wings Pay the sacrifice n digest this Thread. If eventually u let her a lil audience n she go asking why u changed, tell her u got a new gurl n uve moved on, she should do dsame! this is where u wud see begging if she really likes u, but if she never did n was just using u, u wud know also cos she wud move on with her life! okwypascal:thanks man, after u na u But they is this stuff I noticed guy, u can't jus flow with every gal, I dont know if u av experienced it, like the convo won't just be connecting not that she is forming hard to get but I dont jus know.I had just paid and didnt pay attention to a couple sitting at a restaurant close by until I heard my name called. She was surprised when I didn't pay for her, she later told me suspected that I was that kind of person and I thought that was where it would end but it didn't.It was when she started telling me all the things she did with my cousins and how they were wasting their monies with her that I knew this one was a done deal.

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