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However, TCDD and transport authorities are tireless in their efforts.In 2017, 2,317km of line was fully electrified with a further 1,352km still underway.If all goes to plan, then the route will become active in December 2018.In addition to the above projects, as many as 11 high-speed routes are in development.5 further stretches are in preliminary project analysis, incorporating cost scoping and project timetabling, which covers an additional 1,250km by year’s end, according to TCDD.As of 2018’s network statement issued by the Ministry of Transport, another 1,234km of conventional rail will have electrification works begin that year.

Such is the significance for Turks, that a nationwide infrastructure upgrade and construction programme is underway.

At that time over 400 million passengers had taken a high-speed train.

In fact, on some routes, rail is dominating other passenger transport modes.

That will mean 75% of the entire conventional network will have received upgrades.

The network expansion is an enormous project, so how will the expense and energy put in be measured?

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Once complete, the new additions will have doubled the Turkish network’s overall length to an impressive 26,000km. The important takeaway here is that Turkey isn’t afraid to spend huge sums on bolstering and its rail network.

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