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He, therefore, prefers to refer to himself as being 60 years young. Perhaps at the back of Bill’s mind, he is questioning if the beautiful young girl loves him for his money or charming personality.

The fact that Bill has been divorced twice also has to make him tread carefully with this one lest his net worth is set a few millions back by a messy divorce.

It is evident that they are not on the same page despite their years of being together yet they are planning a wedding.

Gentilles was looking for some cheap labor when Brian came her way.

Everything has now changed and not for the better, unfortunately.

Take the example of Rosie and Drew: the couple is so ashamed of how they met that Rosie is not willing to disclose the details.

The show is about engaged couples people who are keen on walking down the aisle if only they can bridge the gap between their different worlds, mostly separated by money.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the best out of life and love; some people say they prefer to cry in a limousine than laugh on a bicycle.

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  1. With divorce a very real (and punishing) possibility, these men may also choose to think carefully before committing.3) Holding High Standards - yet other men continue to hold high standards for both themselves and their partners.

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