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2015 italy state love sex cam

One by one, the men paid to rape Janet and the other women.

Most of them, having gone a long time without sex, lasted only a few minutes with Janet.

"It's hugely profitable," says Lori Cohen, director of the anti-trafficking initiative at Sanctuary for Families.

Smuggled drugs are quickly sold, but with a woman, "you bring her across the border once and you just keep using her body over and over again until she breaks down," she explains.

While the women laid down rags, the men, filthy and reeking of sweat after spending all morning in the fields, quickly finished eating and formed lines outside the sheds, with as many as 50 men waiting for a woman.

Traffickers set up shop in metropolitan areas—they often choose Queens for its central location along the Eastern corridor to cities north and south, plus its big clientele base in New York City—and send women to farms near and far, ranging from Vermont to Florida.

As soon as she arrived in Charlotte, Janet knew there would be johns waiting for her at the brothel.

The next day would be the same routine, and that thought made her hate herself. Janet was forced into prostitution in Mexico by a boyfriend named Antonio in 1999; coyotes brought them across the border the following year, and they went to live with Antonio's family in the borough of Queens in New York City, where she was put to work in brothels.

The four women climbed out of the Camaro and went over to sheds near the cabins, where the workers kept their tools.

The cement floors inside had crumbled through, exposing big dirt holes.

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Officials don't know how many women are trapped in this city-to-farm sex pipeline, but experts say the number is growing every year. Bletzer, an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University who has studied prostitution in agricultural areas, says that until recent years, women went to farm labor camps on their own to sell sex out of financial necessity.

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